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The Bluest Eye

Synchronicity Theatre

I am Mrs. Breedlove in 1940s Lorrain, Ohio, a housemaid, mother of ugly daughter Pecola and drunkard husband Cholly. I can surely sing in church, but I have an ugly limp.

Mirandy & Brother Wind

Synchronicity Theatre

I am Mirandy in 1910s Ridgetop, South Carolina, a precocious 11-year old girl who wants to catch the wind to win the cake, no matter what chore, friend or circumstance stands in my way.

Clybourne Park

Act 3 Productions

I am Francine in 1959 Chicago, a domestic worker who just wants to keep her head low, do her job and go home. Then, I am Lena in 2009 Chicago, who will defend her neighborhood from gentrification by any means.

The Murder Mystery Company

I am a suspect in an interactive murder mystery dinner theatre show. Whodunnit? Visit to become a detective at your own dinner party and find out!

That What Buried

Working Title Playwrights

I am Lacy Stallings, a Southern girl with a troubling predicament I attempt to escape by visiting my artistic older sisters in Paris, France going through their own predicaments.


The Musical

DuPont Productions

I am merely a slave in the beginning, but the protagonist soons discovers that I am actually Harriet Tubman with a strong solo and soliloquoy.

Big River:

The Musical

Marietta Theatre In The Square

I am a runaway slave leading a spiritual to get us through our "Crossing" back into bondage. Then, I am a soloist at the Wilkes' funeral.

Winners Have Yet To Be Announced

Black Poet Ventures

I am an ensemble member of this mixed arts tribute to Donny Hathaway, featured portraying Hathaway's Grandmother with a gospel solo.


Rising Sage Theatre

I am Edith Monroe, one of five mothers mourning the deaths of their children through song and African rituals.

Evelyn in Purgatory

Out of Box Theatre

I am Miss Atkins, the superintendent for the school board, responsible for determining the status of delinquent teachers in my county.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Lionheart Theatre

I am Helen Robinson, wife to Tom who is on trial. I lament his wrongful incrimination through a heart-wrenching solo.

On Dragonfly Wings

Georgia Southern Univ.

I am The Queen Bee, a boisterous pregnant diva encouraging our young protagonist to Bee All You Can Be with an energetic gospel number.

Piece of My Heart

Georgia Southern Univ.

I am Lt. Steele, a Southern black member of the Strategic Intelligence branch of the Army, fighting both racism and sexism to save American lives fighting the Vietnam War.

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